Courage matters twice.

The step off the worn path, into a nomadic life lead by purpose, not norms, takes courage. We support entrepreneurial founders in their journey to build impactful organisations. Our mission is to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies go forward.

We support founders driven to make a difference

Eikyo VC is a strategic advisory firm that helps high-impact founders to generate financial and social returns. Our deepest hope is that we can be part of shaping the DNA of early-stage ventures, building businesses that can be a force for good. 







Eikyo (影響), means impactful in Japanese and our origins are influenced by both eastern and western perspectives. This has enabled us to support the growth of early-stage ventures across Europe and Asia. 

Positive Impact

We strive to create a positive impact through catalysing entrepreneurial ecosystems. Through our partnerships, we have created strong networks that support your impact ambitions.

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